Become a USP7 Ambassador

What is​ the USP7 Ambassador Program​

The USP7 Ambassador Program is a vital part of how we will share our mission and vision. As a USP7 ambassador, you’ll make an invaluable contribution by spreading our vision and mission. This will enable us to gain more donations and in turn, will allow us to have a bigger impact on changing the lives of those diagnosed with a USP7-related disease.

Who can become a USP7 Ambassador?

Our ambassador program is open to all of our supporters! If you are passionate about the Foundation and our mission, you are the right person! 

What does an ambassador do?

Here are some of the ways you might help as a USP7 Ambassador:
  • Create new Facebook posts sharing the vision and mission of the Foundation
  • Share our Social Media posts, tweets, pins, etc
  • Talk to people about the Foundation - tell your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances about the Foundation
  • Represent the Foundation at local events when appropriate
  • Blog about the Foundation
  • Encourage others to donate, host events or become ambassadors
Once you join our program we will send you more information and ideas for helping. You will also receive a monthly email with tips, tricks and upcoming USP7 events that you can help promote. To see a some examples click here.

Benefits for you

By volunteering to become a USP7 Ambassador you will show your followers that you are passionate about our cause and philanthropic. It will also allow you to become an integral part of the USP7 community. You can share your passion for the Foundation and give your social media community something new and exciting to participate in.​