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Becky's High Five Campaign

Why I am having a High Five Campaign

My sweet girl was diagnosed with a USP7-related disease when she was 4 years old. In order to find a cure, we need research.  Every $5 donated will go directly to funding the phenotyping study and research into the USP7 gene. ​​ Share my fundraiser with friends and family and ask them to give Ella a "High Five". Join me today in finding a cure!

Support Team Ella!

How Your Donation Helps
Your donation will help fund important research. Our immediate need is to fund the Phenotyping Study being conducted by the Schaaf Lab. Our long-term goal is to raise $5 million dollars over the next two years.

​This money will go directly to researches to study the USP7 gene and find a cure!
The Phenotyping Study is the biggest effort we need to fund in 2018. This study will further define USP7-related diseases as a neurodevelopmental disorder and lead to more research.

Patients participating in the study will have a variety of tests performed such as, lab work, DEXA scan, lumbar puncture and more.  Each patient participating will have to travel to Houston, TX.

Foundation for USP7-Related Disease



Providing a future of possibilities for those who are diagnosed with a mutation of USP7.
Our mission is to cure USP7-related diseases. We do this by funding research and identifying more patients.  

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