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Tess is Not Alone - A USP7 Story

Feature film "Tess is Not Alone - A USP7 Story". The award-winning short documentary about Tess.

"When Tess was diagnosed with a rare mutation in her USP7 gene, her parents thought she was the only one in the world."

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Inaugural Family Conference

Video highlighting the Inaugural USP7 Family Conference in Houston, April 7-8 2017.

Help Us Find More Patients

Short video showing how anyone can help us find more patients.

Newly Diagnosed Video

Video for families with a newly diagnosed USP7 patient. 

What is USP7 and How You Can Help

Short video explaining what USP7 is and how anyone can help find more patients and raise awareness.

Fix the Dimmer Switch?

A short video explaining just what "Fix the Dimmer Switch" means.

The Great T-Shirt Campaign

Video of the USP7-Army wearing their USP7 shirts around the world!